The differences between servers CS and VPS


what are the differences between Cloud Servers (CS) and Virtual Servers (VPS)? Cloud servers and virtual servers (VPS) are the most common types of servers or servers in using the site.

?What is the cloud server

Cloud servers are like any servers that keep your site data on them, and they are among the most common types of hosting in use, given that they work through a network of servers connected to each other, so it can be said that your site will be hosted on more than one server, and all of these servers will be connected to each other.

So, if one of the servers stopped working due to a hardware problem, this will not affect your site at all, because the other cloud servers will work immediately automatically. In short, we can say that the cloud servers will never stop, and accordingly, your site will not stop at all.

Also, the most important characteristic of cloud servers is to ensure that they won’t at all due to a technical malfunction in the hardware. The only drawback of cloud servers is the high price compared to shared hosting or VPS virtual servers.

?What is the virtual server (VPS)

The word VPS is an acronym for a virtual private server, and by using virtualization technology, more than one independent operating system can be created within the central system of the private server.

It is also possible to allocate limited resources from the hardware of the server or private servers, such as temporary memory and random memory, as well as the processor and hard disks for each operating system.

In the end, we get a virtual server that we can control like controlling a real server, and the most important thing that distinguishes VPS virtual servers is the complete independence of each operating system from the other.

It is also possible to isolate users of each operating system separately, as well as the sites hosted on those virtual servers. The idea of ​​isolation And independence aims to isolate and separate each virtual server from the central operating system of the real server.

Therefore, it can be summed up to say that the most important characteristic of VPS is the complete independence of each sub-operating system, and the price is low compared to cloud servers and private servers.

Motasem Hanani

Motasem Hanani

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